Galit Roichman at the Jewish & Israeli Film Festival

Israel at 70 - Galit RoichmanFebruary 1, 5, 6, and 8, 2018 

Watching Israeli films is often a fascinating encounter with the country’s reality, enlarged on the big screen. Join us as Galit Roichman leads a journey into Israeli cinema, where we’ll get a glimpse of the local culture and become acquainted with Israeli society.

Galit Roichman is a screenwriter and an ardent cinema lecturer. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from the University of Haifa in Israel and a Master’s Degree in Cinema Studies from the University of Tel Aviv. She lives and works in Tel Aviv and is a member of the Israeli Academy of Film and Television. Through her lectures, Ms. Roichman interweaves ideas about Israeli cinema and Jewish education that explore the changing face of Israeli society in Israeli films and television.

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