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JCC Expansion

What Will Be Built At Amberley Green?

  • A day camp nestled on ~30 acres of the 130 acres of Amberley Green.
  • Year-round bathrooms and changing rooms.
  • A beautiful zero-entry pool with swim lanes, lounge, gathering and play areas, and food service.
  • Open play spaces that will feature a playground, multi-purpose sports fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and more.
  • Multi-purpose building that will serve as a camp activity shelter and a community space.
  • Updated walking paths in the camp area and maintained ponds with docks for fishing.
  • Gathering spaces, including covered shelters for picnics, birthday parties, and community celebrations.

What Changes Will Be Made to the Current JCC?

In the current plans under consideration:

  • Early Childhood School Expansion & Renovation.
  • Expanded Group Exercise and Fitness Facilities.
  • New Locker Rooms.
  • Expanded Indoor Aquatic Center that adds lap lanes to allow for a better user-experience.
  • Additional Gym and Programming space.
  • Expanded J Cafe to provide more seating and additional food options.
  • Courtyard Reconfiguring to create seating spaces and an all-season solarium.

Who Will Benefit From This Expansion?

Benefits for Amberley Village residents:

  • Access to new facilities, including green space with walking paths, aquatic center, community building, year-round restrooms, and more.
  • As part of an overall multi-million dollar investment by the JCC into Amberley Village, these facilities will be built at virtually no cost to Amberley Village residents.
  • Continued and increased tax revenue to Amberley Village, amounting to be several hundred thousand dollars annually.
  • Reduced maintenance costs for Amberley Green property and the removal of the existing Clubhouse as a part of the JCC’s investment into the property.

Benefits for JCC Members, Guests, & Community at Large:

  • A dedicated outdoor camp space will offer children a true summer camp experience, an escape where they can learn, play, explore, and be kids away from digital distractions.
  • Main Campus: The relocation of Camp at the J will allow for expansion and improvements.
  • An expanded J Cafe will allow for more gathering space and additional offerings, particularly as it works to meet the vital needs of the observant Jewish community.

Why is This Expansion Needed?

  • The JCC Early Childhood School is currently at-capacity, with an extensive waiting list.
  • Growth in the JCC’s membership has led to increasingly limited space in the Fitness Center, family locker room, and other core facilities which are integral to the J’s primary mission & revenue streams.
  • The time to think about these expansion plans is now, when we are operating from a place of fiscal and programmatic strength.
  • This expansion sustains the JCC as a vibrant and growing part of the community, spurring future growth and reinvestment.