JCC Expansion

Amberley Green: A Place for All of Us

For over a decade, the Mayerson JCC has been an integral part of Amberley Village—a welcoming place where the community can connect, relax, play, and enjoy the day. Life is busy and active at the J, with more than 27,000 people visiting each month.

At Amberley Green, we want to create an inviting space with even more opportunities for your neighbors and you: beautiful facilities, play spaces, improved walking trails, a large recreational pool, and much more.

This proposed multi-million-dollar project funded by the JCC would be an investment enjoyed by J Members & Amberley Village residents alike. In fact, the Village will benefit financially from Amberley Green through increased tax revenue provided by additional employment at the JCC.

Here’s what you need to know about how this unique, privately funded community resource will benefit us all:

Why is Amberley Green Needed?

There has been tremendous growth in community involvement and participation at the J over the last decade. Today, more than 27,000 people visit the J in Amberley each month.

  • The JCC Early Childhood School is currently at capacity. Expansion will enable the school to accommodate those families on a lengthy waiting list, creating a pipeline of engagement for the JCC and the greater Jewish community.
  • Due to the JCC’s location, most of Camp at the J currently takes place in the J’s rear parking lot. While the Camp makes the most of the space available to them, there is no substitute for a traditional camp experience, complete with an expanse of green space open to everyone, outdoor pool, sports courts, and abundant classroom space. The proposed expansion will offer significant improvements to the Camp at the J experience, enabling our camp to stay competitive with other camp options throughout the region.
  • Growth in the JCC’s membership has led to increasingly limited space in the Fitness Center, family locker room, and other core facilities which are integral to the J’s primary revenue streams. Expansion will enable the JCC to reimagine the space and layout of these facilities to better serve the community.
  • The time to think about these expansion plans is now, when we are operating from a place of fiscal and programmatic strength.
  • Nationally, every week, 1.5 million people visit JCCs across the U.S., making them one of the most visited Jewish organizations in the world.
  • This expansion is vital for the ongoing sustainability of the JCC as a vibrant and growing part of the Amberley Community, spurring future growth and reinvestment.

What Are We Planning for You at Amberley Green?

Our vision at Amberley Green would provide even more opportunities for you and your neighbors to connect with each other, including:

  • A dedicated outdoor camp space, nestled on 30 acres of the 130-acre Amberley Green property, offering children a traditional summer camp experience. All of the camp amenities will be available to the community year-round during non-camp hours.
  • A large recreational pool with swim lanes, lounge/gathering and play areas, food service and year-round restroom facilities.
  • Open play spaces, available for community use, that will feature a playground, multi-purpose sports fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and more.
  • Multi-purpose building that will serve as a camp activity shelter and a community event space.
  • Year-round bathrooms and changing rooms that will be secure and maintained year-round.
  • Rolling hills with improved walking paths and maintained ponds with docks for fishing.
  • Plentiful space for community celebrations.
  • Covered shelters for picnics, birthday parties, and gatherings.

What Changes Will be Made to the Current JCC?

In our current plans…

  • The Early Childhood School will feature reconfigured classrooms and expand the number of classrooms and our muscle room (indoor play space).
  • Group Exercise and Fitness will be reconfigured and additional space built.
  • New Locker Rooms will allow for more space and better layout for a better member experience.
  • The expanded Indoor Aquatics center will add lap lanes to provide a better user experience. This will also enable us to have a competitive JCC swim team, and to host swim competitions with added spectator seating.
  • Additional Gym Space will allow more open gym time, as well as provide you with additional programming opportunities.
  • The enhanced J Café will provide you with more seating, additional gathering space, better service and additional food options, with particular attention to meeting the vital needs of the observant Jewish community.
  • A Reconfigured Courtyard will create seating spaces and an all-season solarium.
  • Shipping and Receiving will be modified to increase campus security.
  • Relocating the Camp from the existing JCC campus allows more space for J members to use new and expanded fitness facilities that will be built as part of this expansion.

How Would Amberley Green and Expanding the Current J Benefit You?

Benefits for Amberley Village residents:

  • Access to beautiful new facilities, built at virtually no cost to Village residents.
  • Increased tax revenue as a result of increased employment at the JCC, including its Camp at the J and Early Childhood School, as well as job growth by our Jewish Agency Partners.
  • Since 2017, payroll tax revenue from the three Jewish agencies housed on the JCC campus has contributed more than $450,000 to Amberley Village.
  • Increases in employment resulting from this expansion could easily see this figure reaching $300,000+ annually.
  • Reduced maintenance costs for Amberley Green property. In addition to the development of the ~30 acre-site, the proposal includes the removal of the existing clubhouse at the JCC’s expense. This removal further reduces maintenance costs and increases safety for Amberley Village, while providing a newer facility for community use.

Benefits for JCC members and guests, including members of the community:

  • A dedicated outdoor camp space offers children a true summer camp experience, an escape where they can learn, play, explore, and be kids away from digital distractions
  • Relocation of Camp at the J from the existing JCC campus allows more space for J members to use new and expanded fitness facilities that will be built as part of this expansion.
  • An expanded J Café will provide more gathering space and dining options for the community.

Contact us at info@mayersonjcc.org for any questions.