Horseback Riding Camp

81-Quest-Grades-7---8Horseback Riding Camp is held at East Fork Stables each day. Campers will meet at the J and be transported to and from the stables. The stables will provide valuable instruction for beginner to advanced riders. Campers will use an endurance saddle, which is much safer than English or Western saddles, and helmets are provided and required at all times. Horseback Riding Camps include evaluations, demonstrations, arena lessons, grooming and horse care, horsemanship games, defensive riding skills, and work on an outdoor riding track. Campers should pack a lunch or opt in for Camp Lunches, and wear pants and closed-toed shoes that can get dirty.

Ages & Dates:

Grades 1 – 3: July 25 – 29
Grades 4 – 8: August 1 – 5

Horseback Camp Price: J Members: $325/session; Public: $375


Optional Add-Ons:

Extended Day Options: Start-up Crew & After Crew
If your child would like to add a little extra fun to their day, we offer Start-up Crew and After Crew programs to keep them happy and busy before and after camp. Start-up Crew lets you drop your children off as early as 7am and After Crew lets you pick up your children as late at 6pm. They’ll have extra time with their friends to play games, swim in our pools, and more. Both programs are flexible for parents and caregivers, allowing you to register that specific week.
Start Up Crew only: Session 1 and 2: $150/session; Session 3: $100; 1 Week Sessions: $50
After Crew only: Session 1 and 2: $240/session; Session 3: $160; 1 Week Sessions: $80
Start Up & After Crew: Session 1 and 2: $300/session; Session 3: $200; 1 Week Sessions: $100

Healthy Camp Lunches
Make the summer lunches easy! Sign up for healthy, kosher and peanut free lunches. Vegetarian options are available.

Camp Lunches: Session 1 and 2: $63.75/session; Session 3: $42.50; 1 Week Sessions: $21.25/session

Summer starts at Camp at the J