The JCC’s Early Childhood School offers comprehensive programs to educate and nurture your children during their first five years. They’ll enjoy a multitude of engaging activities that encourage learning, socialization, and preparedness for kindergarten and grade school.

Our programs are based upon your child’s age:

Infants: 6 Weeks – 18 Months

At the Early Childhood School, we are dedicated to providing your child with a safe, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate environment where your child can learn and grow.

We currently offer two infant programs: younger infants (6 weeks – 12 months) and older infants (12 – 18 months). Our younger infant rooms accommodate a maximum of 10 infants and our older infant rooms accommodate a maximum of 8 infants.

Toddlers: 18 Months – 3 Years

Our multi-sensory curriculum for young toddlers introduces children to activities that are both fun and educational. We incorporate singing, dancing, and finger plays to enhance language skills. Children are also encouraged to experiment with a variety of art supplies to invoke curiosity, build language and social skills, and develop their fine motor skills. We also offer gym time to develop gross motor skills, as well as class games and routines to build self-help and school-environment skills.

Each classroom accommodates a maximum of 14 children with three teachers each to give your child the one-on-one attention they need.

Each child attending our Toddlers Program will be welcomed into the school with care and guidance. Our teachers will help them to make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible. We encourage curiosity in their new environment and promote using language to communicate their needs.

Preschool: 3 – 5 Years

Our Preschool Program is organized with each child in mind. Centers are created to allow children to learn by exploring. Centers include language arts, art, music, science and math. Singing, dancing, and games are used to enhance language skills, and art activities become more project-oriented as children extend their fine motor skills. Weekly gym time with a specialist helps further build gross motor skills and our Judaic teacher introduces Israeli culture. Children develop a sense of community and begin to learn about the world around them. Pre-kindergarten development is heightened with instruction on following directions and participation in more complicated projects and games.

We currently offer two preschool programs: younger preschool (3 years) and older preschool (4 – 5 years). Each classroom accommodates a maximum of 16 children to give your child the attention they need.

The Early Childhood School at the J is a secure environment.
All tours must be scheduled in advance with the school director; for security purposes, walk-in tours are not permitted.

Thank you for helping us ensure the safety of the school!

For more information, or to schedule a tour, please call: 513.793.2122