All Day at the J

Starts August 24!
Monday through Friday, 8am – 3pm

For Grades K – 8

Full-Time & Part-Time Options Available

Is your child’s school going remote this fall? If so, join our new program called All Day at the J. This program is specifically designed for children Grades K – 8 and combines virtual learning with a fun “camp-like” environment. All Day at the J allows your child to successfully complete their work and then engage in activities to get them moving. Enroll your child today!

Financial aid is available for this program. The process is confidential. Please click on the button below to access the application.

All Day at the J Financial Aid Application All Day at the J Enrollment Form
2020/2021 Rates
Full-Time J Member (4-5 Days/Week) Full-Time Public (4-5 Days/Week) Part-Time J Member (2-3 Days/Week) Part-Time Public (2-3 Days/Week)
$1300/month $1560/month $780/month $936/month