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  • Day 13: Shabbat in Jerusalem and Coming Home

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    Well, here we are, after two weeks of nonstop activities and a rollercoaster of emotions we’ve made it to the finish line. Yesterday we visited the Old City, on the way there we noticed the entire city of Jerusalem was completely shut down, shops were closed, no public transport, barely anyone out on the sidewalks, because of Shabbat. We…

  • Day 12: Yad Vashem, Mount Herzel and Shabbat!

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    Just a few dozen empty shelves—that is all that remains of at least 1 million people who perished in the Holocaust. Entire communities wiped out, families destroyed, lives ended—most of these recorded in boxes of testimony that sit on shelves in the final room at Yad Vashem. But the stories of so many people, our people, have not been…

  • This morning we woke up at our host families’ houses bright and early. Then they dropped us off at a local high school where we participated in a Yom Hazikaron ceremony. During the ceremony, a siren went off indicating a moment of silence, in which the entire country goes quiet and pays respect. Yom Hazikaron is Israel’s Memorial Day….

  • Day 9: Tzfat, Haifa and Netanya!

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    This morning we woke up on Kibbutz Deganya after having a fun previous night on the disco boat down the Sea of Galilee. We went to breakfast, then got on the bus and were on our way to Tzfat, the city known for their handmade art and jewelry. We got to Tzfat around 10:00 and went straight to a…

  • Day 8: Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea and Disco Boat!

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    Today we woke up bright and early in the tent and drove to Masada. We got to the top just in time to see the sunrise and it was beautiful. We all took pictures together wearing our future college t-shirts and just had a good time on top of the mountain. After a short water hike, we headed to…