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  • Today was our first day in Israel!! Our flight was at 2:20am from Kraków and we landed around 6:40am in Tel Aviv. We schlepped off the plane, all very sleepy, met our new tour guide and security guide, then got onto our bus and drove about 20 minutes to a beautiful view at one of Tel Aviv’s beautiful beaches….

  • After waking up at the latest time ever this week (a lovely 8 AM), we enjoyed our favorite breakfast of stale bread and off-brand Nutella. Filled with joy knowing we were headed to Israel that night, we began our last day in Krakow. In the morning, we walked around Kazimierz, where we saw 500-year-old synagogues and “The Temple” (a…

  • Birkenau, Auschwitz, Kabalat Shabbat (Day 6)

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    Today I walked out of Auschwitz-Birkenau alive. It was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. Unlike at the march, Auschwitz presented itself as a dark and haunting killing machine. It was no longer a place overflowing with ruach (spirit) and immense joy. While there was certainly a drastic change in the vibe at the camp, the…

  • This trip has been full of emotions: ones that made us laugh and ones that made us cry, ones that made us angry and ones that made us lose the ability to feel completely. Today, however, we felt an immense pride to be Jewish as we marched as a community. This community, filled with Argentinians, Canadians, Indians, Belgians, Cincinnatians,…

  • Majdanek, Zbylitowska Gora (Day 4)

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    This morning I awoke with an unfounded sense of optimism, and I realized that it originated from my peers’ own attitudes. We tried to carry this with us on our way to Majdanek and Zbylitowska Gora. However, as we came into Majdanek, the first thing we heard was the crying of other delegations who were touring the bath houses….