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Category: 2017

  • The TRIP.

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on May 03, 2017 | Share

    Reflections from Steph Mather: This concludes our journey on the March of the Living, It has been an amazing trip, full of all kinds of emotions and experiences. Although our time in Israel has come to an end, I think I speak for all of us when I say that our March of the Living experiences will continue to…

  • Last Day, Yom Ha’Atzmaut! (Day14)

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on May 03, 2017 | Share

    As Jonah mentioned earlier, taking part in the saddest day of the year in Israel to then  celebrating the happiest day of the year (Israel’s Independence day) was quite the contrast.  By being here for both of these holidays, we were able to see it all, which ranged from being apart of memorial ceromonies and talking about the struggles…

  • Yom Hazikaron into Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Day13)

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on May 01, 2017 | Share

    Reflections from Jonah Goldwasser and Zoe Price… Jonah: Today was Yom HaZikaron, Israeli Memorial Day, until sundown. It was absolutely amazing to witness and see the contrast between the American Memorial Day and the Israeli. When the bomb sirens sound off for a moment of silence, the whole country goes silent. It’s absolutely amazing to see. The amount of respect…

  • Yad Vashem, Independence Hall, Netanya

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on April 30, 2017 | Share

    Reflections from CMOTL Delegate Josh Glynn:  As our trip to Poland and Israel is coming to an end, it is important that we look back and understand how these two completely different places go hand and hand. Today we went to Yad Vashem. This is the holocaust museum and memorial in Jerusalem. This experience really brought our trip full…

  • Shabbat in Jerusalem

    Posted by Mayerson JCC on April 29, 2017 | Share

    Reflections from Cincinnati CMOTL Delegate Sam Scherer… Belated Shabbat Shalom, blog readers! Today we woke up late “for Shabbat,” and it was lovely. Next went to the park and did morning services, but in a way that I’d never though of before – with yoga. Avi and Steph led the yoga exercises, which were a great and relaxing compliment…