Shalom Phone


The 60 & Better Center will begin a phased reopening on Friday, April 9. In-person programs are subject to change based on pandemic and safety requirements. Please call 513.761.7500 x1240 with any questions.

JCC Shalom Phone is the social and secure senior connection for adults, ages 60 and older, who live alone and have no one to regularly check on their well-being. Shalom Phone connects individuals with someone who cares in their community. Relationships grow and often last for years!

Daily, bi-weekly, or monthly telephone reassurance calls not only check on the welfare of senior adults, they also provide regular contact that helps reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. These free calls help older individuals continue living independently, while also providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone will check in on them – to say hello, or just make sure they are alright.

Participants decide how often they want a Shalom Phone volunteer to call. All Shalom Phone volunteers are pre-screened and trained, and follow a specific set of guidelines. The confidentiality of participants in the Shalom Phone program is protected.

Referrals to community services are made when health or safety concerns are identified, and the team makes follow-up calls whenever volunteers are unable to reach their assigned participants. This support system enables participating older adults to feel more secure, and frequently extends the amount of time they are able to remain in their homes.

In addition to telephone reassurance calls, the Shalom Phone program provides qualifying homebound senior adults with a 2-way emergency communicator.

The JCC Shalom Phone program is provided in memory of Manuel D. Mayerson and Esther S. Becker.

Click here to participate or volunteer in our Shalom Phone program.

Medical Alert Communicator

As part of our Shalom Phone program, we offer qualifying homebound senior adults with a 2-way Medical Alert Communicator that helps protect them at home 24/7.

This safety device uses advanced technology to call for immediate help in emergency situations, such as a sudden illness, fall, fire, or crime. Emergencies can happen in all parts of a home, and frequently occur outside in the yard or driveway.

When every minute counts, help is just the push of a button away!

Click here to participate or volunteer in our Shalom Phone program.