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Documentary Thursdays

November Documentaries

The Presidents: From Politics to Power

Examine the lives and times of the men woh have defined and re-defined a nation. From George Washington to Barack Obama, discover the political and social legacies of the remarkable men who have presided over the Oval Office.

Episode 1: Part I – His Excellency
November 7, 10:30am

Take a detailed look at the lives, service, and influence of our founding leaders, from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln.

Episode 2: Part II – The Honorable
November 14, 10:30am

From Abraham Lincoln to FDR, discover the legacy and aspirations of the men who served as commander-in-chief during our nation’s most challenging times.

Episode 3: Part III – Mr. President
November 21, 10:30am

Witness the powerful personalities, weaknesses, and major achievements of U.S. presidents from FDR to Barack Obama.

December Documentaries

Episode 4: Part IV – Mr. Vice President
December 5, 10:30am

Get to know some of the most important and often most overlooked men of the White House.

Episode 5: Part V – The Commander-in-Chief
December 12, 10:30am

Learn about the power and responsibilities undertaken by the Presidents who served as wartime commanders.

Episode 6: Part VI – The Business of Being President
December 19, 10:30am

Discover the most interesting facts of the White House and the history behind some of the perks of being President.

Episode 7: The 10 Most & Least Effective Presidents
December 26, 10:30am

Get to know some of the most and least influential Presidents of our nation.