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Documentary Thursdays

July Documentaries

Magnificent Three: Cities that Shaped History
Season 1

Amsterdam, London, and New York each contributed to the birth and development of the “world-city.” The ambition behind this new urban concept would play out on a global scale and give rise to a radically new form of city landscape. This series revisits 400 years of ruthless competition that saw the rise of architecture, myriad great minds, and the amazing vibe that these cities represent today. Come see all four episodes!

  • Ep. 2 Clashes (1650 – 1800)
    July 18, 10:30am
  • Ep. 3 Metropolis (1800 – 1880)
    July 25, 10:30am
  • Ep. 4 Global Cities (1880 – 2017)
    August 1, 10:30am

August Documentaries

West of the West: Tales from California’s Channel Islands
Season 1

Learn about the remarkable human and natural history of eight beautiful islands found off the coast of California. Known as the Galapagos of North America, the Channel Islands can be seen from the mainland, yet few people know their rich and important history. Now, for the first time, their fascinating story is revealed in this 3-part documentary series.

  • Ep. 1 First People
    August 15, 10:30am
  • Ep. 2 Settlers
    August 22, 10:30am
  • Ep. 3 Return
    August 29, 10:30am