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Senior Lecture Series

Our Senior Center Lecture Series offers rare opportunities to hear from top thinkers, artists, chefs, authors, and innovators in intimate conversations that connect, enrich, and inspire. Join us on Tuesdays at 10:30am. No RSVP needed.

Electronics and the Flute: A Lecture Recital

Facilitator: Dr. Heather Verbeck

May 28, 10:30am

Come enjoy this engaging lecture recital where flutist Dr. Heather Verbeck will explore the diversity of electronic sounds and their combination with acoustic flute. Dr. Verbeck will give a brief overview of the history of electronic art music and perform a variety of works to exemplify the wide range of electroacoustic repertoire.

Zoo to You: Amazing Apes

Facilitator: Zoo to You Ambassador

June 4, 10:30am

Great apes are the closest living mammals to man; in fact, we share more than 97% of the same genetic make-up! Meet the great apes of the Cincinnati Zoo and learn about some different species of apes.

Video: Estate Planning

June 11, 10:30am

Get some helpful advice for estate planning with this informative video. Wisconsin attorney Susan Sharp
Miley, discusses how to protect your assets through estate planning, including valuable information about wills, living trusts, transferring title of your assets, and more.

The Planning and Construction of Cincinnati’s Union Terminal

Facilitator: Heritage Program Speaker

June 18, 10:30am

Learn about the early proposals for Union Terminal and the workers involved in the final design and construction of the 287-acre
passenger terminal complex. Learn about the many engineering challenges that were overcome throughout the planning and construction process, as well as the 21 other buildings and structures associated with this
one-of-a-kind train station.

American Red Cross: Its History and Volunteer Opportunities

June 25, 10:30am

Facilitator: Saundra Oprea, Program Manager, Regional Disaster Preparedness

Come learn about the history of our local American Red Cross. As reflected in the Red Cross mission, the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton Region Chapter seeks to help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to natural and other disasters through the immediate mobilization of people and resources, and the provision of community, workplace, and school-based training. Come learn how you can volunteer in your community!