Monthly Archive: December 2016

  • Giving Experiences As Gifts

    Posted by wpdev on December 22, 2016 | Share

    It’s easy to feel pressured into running through your savings during the holidays. The ones you love surround you, and seeing their faces light up seems to make the cost worth it. But the price tag doesn’t have to be so steep to make Hanukkah memorable. The recent trend of giving experiences instead of gifts attests to the desire to…

  • Finding Your Hanukkah Recipes

    Posted by wpdev on December 08, 2016 | Share

    There’s no denying that food brings people together. According to writer Anne Kaplan, “traditional foodways prove to be intrinsic to the way a particular group views itself and its relation to others…” This means that the latkes Bubbe makes officially have special powers. Despite this, it always helps to have a few recipes up your sleeve! In honor of the…